"This invention is a stomach support combined with
a corset and undergarments, to be worn particularly by
women before and after giving birth, in the event of ongoing or rapid
weight gain, after surgery on the lower abdomen, swelling of the stomach,
and general situations in which the stomach is in need of support, and finally as a replacement for
the ordinary corset, the aim being to reduce its harmful effects
. The disadvantage of current stomach supports is that they often
move up, down, or to the side. As such, the invention is a
stomach support that cannot move to the side, or up, or down.
This ensures that the pressure is not solely borne by the stomach but is distributed over
the whole body. Therefore, this stomach support does not cause discomfort in any one specific area
and the body can move freely."

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  • Title: The stomach support
  • Creator: Nicolaus CUKOR
  • Original Source: INPI Archives
  • Rights: Institut national de la propriété industrielle
  • External Link: https://www.inpi.fr/fr
  • Medium: drawing