The Story Of Defiance


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The masses hear Moroka and Dadoo speak from the platform calling for volunteers for the campaign. "I am glad to see you in such large numbers ... says Dr Moroka." Warrants were issued for the arrests, under the Suppression of Communism Act, of twernty non-white leaders involved in the defiance campaign inclding Dr Moroka, Walter Sisulu, J.B. Marks, Nelson Mandela, Phillips, of the African Congress, Dr Dadoo, Thandray, Kathrada, Sita, Desai, and the Cachalias of Indian Congress. They were arrested and let out on bail, awaiting trial. On August 24th the Joint Executive of the African National Congress met again, and advocated intensified acion to coincide with the beginning of the trial of the 20 leaders. In the next 48 hours 461 people defied the law in Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town, and were arrested. Indian school children from a nearby school demonstrating outside

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  • Title: The Story Of Defiance
  • Date: 1952-10
  • Location: Freedom Square, Fordsburg, Gauteng, South Africa
  • Subject Keywords: Drum Magazine,South Africa,Africa,South African history,black and white image,square,Gauteng,Johannesburg,apartheid,anti-apartheid,protests,protesters,Fordsburg,Joint Planning Council,October,1955,1950s,Indian children,slogans,posters,crowds
  • Original Source: Baileys African History Archive
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