The Strenght of the Future. In the last stretch of the exhibition itinerary explores the metaphor of
the nursery. Here the two meanings of the word (a place where plants
are grown, and a space in which to raise and educate children) manifest
themselves through an itinerary that combines areas devoted to the
remarkable biodiversity of Italy, and others devoted to a joint project
with Italian schools.
During the six months of the Expo, various schools in the city took on
projects developed by Italian students on the theme of nutrition and
The Vivaio Italia plant nursery was set up in collaboration with the
Botanical Garden of Padua, to celebrate the country’s extraordinary
biodiversity, a diversity also of agriculture and human culture that
resulted from the constant migration of people, species and seeds
(bio-geography) up and down the peninsula, generating the uniqueness
of today’s Italian landscape and its produce.

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  • Title: The Strenght of the Future
  • Location: Palazzo Italia, forth floor
  • Rights: ©Photoviews Mourad Balti