The Thousand-year-old Shapeshifting Herring (details)

Wu Jian’an2015

CAFA Art Museum

CAFA Art Museum
Beijing, China

“Tale of the Green Herring” is the prequel of the famous folktale “Legend of the White Snake”. Artist Wu Jian’an recreated a new myth with contemporary interpretation. The story begins with a herring’s cultivation, and the process of the green herring’s transformation according to Taosit methods is realized with freeze-frame images.

The first frame is entitled “The Thousand-year-old Shapeshifting Herring". It depicts the transformation of a green herring. If you look into details, you will see an immortal sitting in the big fish’s mouth, suggesting that it is cultivated according to Taoist methods.

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  • Title: The Thousand-year-old Shapeshifting Herring (details)
  • Creator: Wu Jian’an
  • Date Created: 2015
  • Location Created: Beijing
  • Type: Contemporary art
  • Original Source: Courtesy the artist Wu Jian'an
  • Rights: Wu Jian’an
  • Medium: Hand dyed and waxed paper-cut, cotton thread, paper
  • Art Genre: Contemporary art
  • Support: Xuan paper