THE TRIGGER 50/50 / The Trigger (economic sustainability topic)

Marko Stjepcevic and Nemanja Milicevic

Montenegro - Biennale Architettura 2016

Montenegro - Biennale Architettura 2016

This is the first step in our proposed intervention, since it relies upon the existing objects in the Solana Ulcinj. Salt isn’t profitable, but it’s necessary for the ecosystem. We will pump up water and produce salt in much smaller quantities: specifically, only 10% of the former capacity of the saline. Instead of 30000 tons of salt per year, we can produce 3000 tons of high quality salt. We will keep existing facilities that are essential for and highly specialized in the production of salt for that purpose. Others will be converted into spa facilities using the salt and mud, which can use all pools of the saline and to enable visitors to enjoy the richness of its flora and fauna and turning it into a unique destination for this kind of tourism. Smaller objects can function in service of the Nova Solana park for ticket sales and similar functions. The existing train track for the salt transportation will be used as a connection with a large beach.
With the reduction of the salt production, the capacity of the main hangar for salt storage can be reduced to 20% of what it used to be. The rest of the hangar can become THE MARKET, a distribution center for organic products from the region, such as fish, cheese, vegetables, fruit and honey. Also the authentic salt and mud from the Solana Ulcinj can be sold here. The Nova Solana Park will be responsible for it that this market is indeed both natural and commercial, guaranteeing the quality of all products.
Stands will cover around 2000 m2 of the hangar for around 2.00 €/m2 per day. Thus, the Solana Ulcinj becomes financially sustainable again and moreover, together with the other facilities on the site, it will employ almost the same number of people as it once did, in a better past.

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  • Title: THE TRIGGER 50/50 / The Trigger (economic sustainability topic)
  • Creator: Marko Stjepcevic and Nemanja Milicevic