The Village of Pokfulam


Pokfulam Village Cultural Landscape Conservation Group

Pokfulam Village Cultural Landscape Conservation Group

An 18th-century printed image (contemporary hand-coloured woodblock print) shows the landscape of Pokfulam. Though this print may represent Pokfulam Village, it shows the nature and context of the area which has hills on the background and rows of single-storey village houses and a river in the foreground. From the original description of the image, 'the place depicted is only about four miles from Hong Kong and was about to be connected with the town itself by a government road which will extend to a village beyond where spacious docks are already in course of construction, if one is not already completed.  Poke-Felum [sic] is likely to become a summer residence for Europeans, since it is cooler on that side of the island.'

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  • Title: The Village of Pokfulam
  • Creator: unknown
  • Date: 1861
  • Location: Pokfulam, Hong Kong Island