The Wonderful World that Already Was, or Sleeping ar Red Cloud

Myriam Mechita2014/2014

Cidade Matarazzo

Cidade Matarazzo

Trees carry a great deal of thematic weight in the artist’s visions, as if they operated as mediumistic messengers. As in a dream, the artist says that she saw “a golden tree dressing before her, a woman’s face, a man’s face with penciled-blue eyes lost among the branches, and all of my woes left me”. Her installation begins outside the hospital, with four golden heads literally billowing from a tree, like spirits or gusts of wind. Inside the hospital, the artist created a ghostly soot-black forest drawn onto the walls with an empty sedan chair placed in the middle of the room, waiting to be occupied. Adorning the chair and its structure are crystal birds, silica-pointed arrows, bronze twigs, and golden nuggets, with a carpet of scorched earth underneath, sprinkled with glitter. The conjunct creates a landscape of rare intensity, a sort of shack that beckons to us and conjures the incommensurable cosmogenic forces that seem to hover about this disturbingly serene space. If the artist was daring enough to play with fire, her recompense is a remedy that opens the work to other dimensions.
Myriam is fascinated with moments of transcendence, intoxication and powerful combinations of pleasure and pain. Her works are elegant reflections of ecstasy, creating a glamorous and mysterious world.

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  • Title: The Wonderful World that Already Was, or Sleeping ar Red Cloud
  • Creator: Myriam Mechita
  • Date: 2014/2014
  • Provenance: Images © Ding Musa; courtesy the artist and Pascal Pique
  • Type: installation