Tierras Bien

Venancio Shinkic.1968 - c.1968

Art Museum of the Americas

Art Museum of the Americas


  • Title: Tierras Bien
  • Date: c.1968 - c.1968
  • Physical Dimensions: w31.5 x h39.5 in
  • Painter: Venancio Shinki
  • Description: Tierra Bien nods to Shinki’s love of Peru while mimicking sparse, tranquil Japanese landscapes. Tierra Bien, which translates as “Good Earth,” uses emphatically horizontal bands of color, evocative of American color-field painting, and a staining technique identified with Postpainterly abstraction. The bands create a horizon scattered with thick, organic shapes and linear motifs, reminiscent of vegetation and wildlife found in Japanese landscapes as well as the Surrealist paintings of Spaniard Joan Miró. Shinki suspends these curious, biomorphic forms in an ambiguous atmosphere, like little, floating capsules, which he colloquially referred to as paquetes, or parcels, a pictoral reference to things that have yet to come. -Text by Cierra Frances
  • Type: Painting
  • Medium: oil on canvas


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