Tiger Hunt


Academy of Fine Arts and Literature

Academy of Fine Arts and Literature

The painting portrays a European, a Firangi, as artists and Indian peasantry called a European in 19th century, hunting a lion in Marshi land. His gunshot has already struck the hoary forest king who taken aback by this arrogance gets at his feet and, while with his hands he plugs his bleeding wounds, with his quiet eyes surveys the man who inflicted it. Humanization of the lion, not only in his posture but also in his placidity and composure, is painting's most strong aspect. Firangi’s long boots, flat cap, tough overcoat, breeches and chest-cover, as also his gun with a long barrel, all have been styled after costumes and armaments as were in actual use during the 19th century Europe. His beard is, however, like Mewar’s Ranas.

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  • Title: Tiger Hunt
  • Date: 1870/1890
  • Physical Dimensions: Paper, 27.5x20.5 cm
  • Subject Keywords: Company School
  • Type: Miniature Painting