Tilopa: The Great Renunciate

Abhayadatta Sri

Buddhist Digital Resource Center

Buddhist Digital Resource Center

Tilopa was the founder of the Mahamudra method. It was while working in a brothel as a solicitor during the night and grinding sesame seeds during the day that Tilopa had a vision of Vajradhara and received, instantaneously, the entirety of Mahamuda.

From the Biographies of the 84 Mahasiddhas, as recorded by twelfth century Indian scholar Abhayadatta Sri and translated into Tibetan By Möndrup Sherab. The beautifully illustrated text explores the personalities of the 84 and the miraculous occurrences that marked their lives. This manuscript is made available to TBRC by the Cultural History of the Western Himalaya Project,"Tibetan Manuscripts," at the University of Vienna. TBRC Library Work I.D: W8LS15975

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  • Title: Tilopa: The Great Renunciate
  • Creator: Abhayadatta Sri


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