Timelapse of the Square: Camera A

Yasser Elsheshtawy2013

FIND : NYU Abu Dhabi / New York

FIND : NYU Abu Dhabi / New York

Time-lapse video of the square starts at 7AM and ends at 10PM. The video demonstrates the diurnal rhythm of the space and shows the ebb and flow of activities. The time-lapse spans from the early morning hours, when the space is used mostly for functional purposes, until noon, around prayer times when it witnesses a peak of sorts. Another peak occurs in the evening hours starting at 5PM. As the evening continues, activities taper off; at 9PM cleaners move in, and people leave. This in turn allows children, residents of nearby buildings, to start a soccer game.

Image created by Yasser Elsheshtawy for his Winter 2013-2014 FIND Fellowship project “Terrain Vague: Interstitial Spaces Inside Abu Dhabi’s Central Area”

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