Parzor Foundation and Courtesy : Mobed Koroush Niknam2016-03-21

Parzor Foundation

Parzor Foundation

The use of water to celebrate 'Tirgan' or the rain festival is accompanied by a festival of tying thin silken threads of the seven colours of the rainbow on the wrists of all women and children particularly in the Yazd region of Iran. These bracelets called 'Tir-O-Baad' or rainbow bands are named after Tir or Tishtra, Yazata of Rain and Govad, Yazata of Wind. Worn for ten days, they are then discarded with this little verse -

' Tir ! You go away ! Let the wind come !
Sorrow, go away ! Happiness, come in !
Suffering, leave ! Sustenance, come ! '

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  • Title: Tir-O-Baad
  • Creator: Parzor Foundation, Courtesy : Mobed Koroush Niknam
  • Date Created: 2016-03-21