Tiririca seed breastplate

Krahô People2012

Museu do Índio

Museu do Índio

Necklace in tiririca seeds made with fishing line and tiririca seeds. Has a band that girdles the neck and presents a pattern formed by blackened tiririca seeds. Displays a pendant whose layout forms geometric patterns obtained by the contrast between the natural and the blackened tiririca seeds. Its base presents a finishing in fringes executed with tucum yarn and tiririca seeds tied up by small saboneteira seeds (pãnre).

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  • Title: Tiririca seed breastplate
  • Creator: Krahô People
  • Date Created: 2012
  • Location Created: Terra Indígena Kraolândia, Brasil
  • Physical Dimensions: 52,5 cm de comprimento; 15,0 cm de largura
  • Type: Adornment of eclectic materials
  • Photographer: George Magaraia
  • Rights: Museu do Índio
  • Medium: Sementes de tiririca, fio de naylon e tucum
  • Bibliographic References: RIBEIRO, Berta G. Dicionário do Artesanato Indígena/1988; MALCHER, José Gama. Índios/1964; MUSEU DO ÍNDIO. Boletim do Museu do Índio n°8/1998; MOTTA, Dilza Fonseca da. Tesauro de cultura material dos índios no Brasil/2006.