Title Unknown

Amine El Bacha1995

Contemporary Art Platform (CAP) Kuwait

Contemporary Art Platform (CAP) Kuwait

El Bacha does not paint what the eye perceives so much as he depicts what is revealed by his desires as they wander freely in a poetic space, encountering colorful and unrestrained feeling. Subjects are embodied as another facet of one’s interior space, consecrated for the purpose of joy, the fantasy of happiness. Images are transposed atop images, emotions atop emotions. There is a persistent inclination toward re-balancing and re-ordering things, not so they might resemble their guises in reality, but to disclose the way they appear in dreams

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  • Title: Title Unknown
  • Creator: Amine El Bacha
  • Date Created: 1995
  • Physical Dimensions: 25 x 35 cm
  • Type: Painting
  • Medium: Watercolor