Today, I feel energetic

Chang , En-Tzu2011

Fubon Art Foundation

Fubon Art Foundation

“Inside everything lies a mysterious soul that is usually silent and seldom utters a word.”
Chang En-Tzu’s embroidered works center on images of fairytale princesses with lascivious expressions and unusual postures. She borrows literary symbols from these stories, and layers her work with the conflict and contradiction of human nature, unveiling the hollow mask that is the product of social construction.
In AVEDA’s aromatic setting, the artist ponders “the magical objects” and “the mysterious souls” of fairytales. She installs a giant soft ladder, representing the strength that propels one towards the unknown. On a massive mirror lays something akin to a magic mirror; it represents the magic found in fairy tales: the power to transcend space and time, to predict the future and reflect the inner world. Through surreal soft sculpture and the transformational symbol of the mirror, viewers are treated to a visual and psychological experience.

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  • Title: Today, I feel energetic
  • Creator: Chang , En-Tzu
  • Date: 2011
  • Medium: Fabric, colored yarn, embroidery thread, and cotton
  • Location: Aveda Eslite Xinyi


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