Tokaido Road - Yui (after Hiroshige)

Emily Allchurch2013

Shizuoka city Tokaido Hiroshige Museum of Art

Shizuoka city Tokaido Hiroshige Museum of Art

Tokaido Road: Yui (after Hiroshige) revisits Hiroshige’s iconic print of station 16: Satta Pass overlooking Suruga Bay on the old pilgrimage route from Tokyo to Kyoto. This 21st century vision of the picturesque Satta–toge celebrates the natural beauty of the spring
landscape in Shizuoka Prefecture, with ripened oranges, growing apricots and the new season tea leaves ready for picking, set against a backdrop of Mount Fuji, half covered with snow. Man’s attempts to tame this formidable landscape is evident in the structural reinforcement of the mountain pass and the construction of the Expressway to bypass the notorious precipice altogether. The presence of a container ship, tourist cruiser, fishing boats and coastal industry shows a working landscape today, set within a timeless air of serenity.

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  • Title: Tokaido Road - Yui (after Hiroshige)
  • Creator: Emily Allchurch
  • Date: 2013


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