"Toll's Toy Laufrad" running wheels

Grzegorz Cholewiak, firma Drache & Bar2010

The National Museum in Warsaw

The National Museum in Warsaw

"Toll's Toy Laufrad" by Grzegorz Cholewiak is a wooden mobile wheel on a stick designed for the youngest kids to play with. The product, alluding to traditional mobile toys, is characterized by extraordinary meticulousness of execution and high quality of used materials. It is an interesting continuation of similar designs from the forties by Jan Kurzątkowski, Antoni Kenar or Władysław Hasior. Since 2009, Cholewiak has been manufacturing his products under the Drache&Bär brand. He lives and works in Berlin (also in Cracow), and runs a design Dot Studio.

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  • Title: "Toll's Toy Laufrad" running wheels
  • Creator: Grzegorz Cholewiak, firma Drache & Bar
  • Date: 2010
  • Inv. no.: Wzr.d.1571/1-2 NMW
  • Type: Toys
  • Medium: plywood, beech


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