Tombstone for Urbana, a slave of Iulius Salvius

Probably end of the 1st century AD

National Museum of Slovenia

National Museum of Slovenia

The tombstone is of rectangular shape, the so-called architectural type, completely preserved; height of the letters: 5.8 cm (line 1), 3.6 (line 2), 3.4 (line 3), 1 – 1.9 (other lines). It is more or less undamaged, and is chipped only on the edges. The inscription is in a deepened framed field, with a semicircular termination above. It is enclosed on both the left and right by a smooth pillar with a simple moulded capital, with one ivy leaf in each corner above the semicircular termination. Above the inscription field is a narrow moulded architrave. A moulding below the inscription field separates a narrow zone, which is the base of the tombstone. The inscription surface is smooth, damaged in places with cracks, one of which is larger and extends diagonally across the entire inscription.
The monument was found in 1869 in Ljubljana.

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  • Title: Tombstone for Urbana, a slave of Iulius Salvius
  • Date: Probably end of the 1st century AD
  • Date Created: Probably end of the 1st century AD
  • Physical Dimensions: 92 x 74 x 18 cm
  • Provenance: Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Transcript: Urbana, the slave of Iulius Salvius, lies here. Atimetus, her companion in servitude, had this monument erected. You have stolen me from my husband, from my children, cruel gods, why have you taken me so soon? I had only lived for three decades, and already a mound of earth conceals my bones and ashes. Now carry quickly on, traveler, forward where the road leads you! All will subsequently meet their fate after me.
  • Type: Tombstone
  • Rights: Narodni muzej Slovenije
  • Medium: White marble


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