Tomorrow Belongs to Me

Wacław Kuczma2011/2011

Centre of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu

Centre of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu

The performance was enacted at the opening of the 622 Falls of Bung exhibition, which was a type of commemoration on the 100th anniversary of the Association of Polish Artists. The main motif of the activity, carried by Kuczma for over a quarter of an hour, was the Polish flag. In the first part of the performance he soaked it in a bucket of water several times, and then wrapped it on the mop. With the utensil prepared this way, he washed the floor in the so-called “basin” of CoCA. Then, after thoroughly wringing the flag, he spread it on the ironing board and carefully, almost methodically, pressed the banner with the iron. At the end, he fastened it on a stick and trotted around, repeatedly circling the space in which the performance took place. [N. Cieślak]

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