Tonnara Florio

Borgese-XXVII Maggio secondary school

Fondazione Napoli Novantanove

Fondazione Napoli Novantanove

The choice to adopt the Tonnara was due both to the proximity of the site with our school that is located in Mondello, seaside resort of Palermo, and to a detailed study on the history of the Florio family, the last owners, in the period from mid-1800 to the Second World War. Moreover, the students got to know more about the methods of fishing and processing tunas in Sicily, before the advent of modern and massive techniques of our days. In the heart of the village of Arenella, in piazza Tonnara stands the massive tonnara complex, called Casa Florio all'Arenella, a complex of particular interest due to the presence of different structures. There are documents about the Tonnara since 1323, in use until 1912. In 1330 it was given in concession to Giovanni de Calvellis, then passed to Valguarnera family, princes of Niscemi. Between 1830 and 1838 Vincenzo Florio bought the Tonnara from various owners and partially transformed it into a private home; today the Florio Tonnara is used as a private residence as well as for events.

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  • Title: Tonnara Florio
  • Creator: Borgese-XXVII Maggio secondary school
  • Location: Italy, Sicilia, Palermo


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