Trembling – Symphony version

CHANG Yung-Ta2012

Fubon Art Foundation

Fubon Art Foundation
Taipei, Taiwan

In a world where there are rules for everything and standards to follow, life tolerates not even the slightest imperfection. Sound installation artist Chang Yung-Ta refuses to sit by the rules: “Even if we humans can never be as accurate as machines, who can say for sure that machines are fault-free?”
His work Trembling – Symphony version approaches mistakes from an aesthetics point of view. A customized tape player plays a classical symphony in a way that defies the norm. The magnetic tape is the artist’s quest for breakthroughs. The recurring fast forwards and rewinds, coupled with sporadic trembles, destroy the discipline and perfection of a symphony and challenge both our hearing and the rules.

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  • Title: Trembling – Symphony version
  • Creator: CHANG Yung-Ta
  • Date: 2012
  • Medium: Customized tape player, Cassette tape, Speaker, Acrylic, Wood, and Computer
  • Location: MISCHIEF