Hwan Kwon Yi2009

Korean Art Museum Association

Korean Art Museum Association

The film They Call Me Trinity that I had watched when I was an elementary school boy was different from other serious cowboy movies. Trinity, the male lead was witty, and faster than anyone else at shooting. As I grew up, I wanted to be such an adult. Through my work I come closer to my dream of entering a cinematic world.

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  • Title: Trinity
  • Creator: Yi, Hwan Kwon
  • Date Created: 2009
  • Physical Dimensions: w2400 x h2330 x d800 cm
  • Type: Sculpture
  • Medium: Plastic, leather, steel
  • Artist's Note: You have often experienced such distortion in the television monitor when seeing a cinemascope film, whose images seem elongated upward and downward. When I watched the film as a young kid, I was imaging the elongated world. I wished I could get in the space; for instance, when you stretch your arm forward, the length of your arm looks shorter but then again its depth could be shown thicker. Whereas, if you hand up or hand down, its length seems longer but then again its depth could be shown thinner. My works is different from anamorphic and reflected images through a concave mirrors that is distorted and turned right and left. On the other hand, movie or surfaces of screen and mirror takes indirect way; it is visualized by movement and distortion. My sculptures cannot be understood in the two dimensional axis. I was imaging the figures and scenery from this narrow compressed world. I had perceived intuitively something would be happened because of the results of imagination. Meanwhile, I started modeling with pictures modified by graphic tools in order to present it in the real space. Making things; it means practical side of creation like drawing, making sounds, dancing, and writing, is the easiest way to present imaginations in the reality of life. Throughout many times of practice, I had known it is subjective works because it has particular point of sight and needs observation and measure of modeling. The first question throughout the procedure is about the factor of dizzy and optical illusion. It is caused by the differences of distance; my sculpture needs different sense of distance that cannot be explained with common perception of distance. (March 19, 2009)
  • Artist's Education: Kyungwon University. Korea. M.F.A., Environmental Sculpture.

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