Triptych of Bishop Juan de Ribera

Luis de Morales1562/1568

Museo de Cádiz

Museo de Cádiz

This is one of the greatest works in the Museum of Cádiz. An indisputable work by the "Divino Morales", the most original figure from the 16th century in Spain, who painted works of exquisite lyricism and very careful production, as is the case of this triptych called "de la Casa de Oñate" (from the House of Oñate). In the centre, the figure of Jesus wearing the crown of thorns and a blue cloak can be seen. To the right, our Lady of Sorrows directs her emotional gaze at the central figure. On the left side, John the Evangelist can be seen with a foreshortened head and his hands crossed. The figure of the donor also appears.

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