Ukrainian (Maloross) men’s сostume

Russian Museum of Ethnography

Russian Museum of Ethnography
Sankt-Peterburg, Russia

Poltava Gubernia (Governorate). Late 19th/Early 20th century

The differences between the costume and its figurine depiction:
The belt in the traditional men’s costume in Podnieprovie was typically homespun and made of multicoloured worsted and woolen yarns, or braided and made of red woolen yarns. The belts could be produced of fine wool at a manufactory, have a width of up to 40 cm, and be green, blue or red, with lengthwise contrast stripes along the edges. The figurine features a yellow-blue belt. Such a variant was also available.

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  • Title: Ukrainian (Maloross) men’s сostume
  • Location Created: Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Type: Costume
  • Rights: The Russian Museum of Ethnography