Ulm Mahzor (prayer book), Swabian rite

Bavarian State Library

Bavarian State Library
Munich, Germany

Ulm and Augsburg 1459/69 and 1461/62

This second volume of the Jewish prayer book contains the texts for the Feast of Tabernacles with the concluding festival (Shemini Atzeret) and the festival of the Joy of the Torah. The first volume is the only one to contain specifications on the origin of the manuscript: The writer Isaak concluded his work on the first volume on Thursday, 14 June 1459. About himself, he says that he was 61 years old and was writing without glasses. His principal was Jakob Mattitja ben Isaak from Ulm. The illuminations of the machzor were not exclusively created by Jewish illuminators. The Augsburg illuminator Johann Bämler and his workshop were involved as well. It can be found frequently that for richly illustrated Hebrew manuscripts Christian illuminators were also consulted.

Fol. 95v: Two angels frame the text field with the entry (ואיום לנורא אאמיץ – I want to praise the Almighty fearlessly). The miniature opens the first part of the morning prayer on the second day of the Feast of Tabernacles and was created by the Augsburg illuminator Johann Bämler.

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  • Title: Ulm Mahzor (prayer book), Swabian rite
  • Location: Ulm and Augsburg
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  • Medium: Parchment
  • Weitere Angaben: Ulm und Augsburg 1459/69 bzw. 1461/62
  • Signatur: Cod.hebr. 3(2