United Nations series - China monument: Temple of Heaven

Gu Wenda1998

Hong Kong Museum of Art

Hong Kong Museum of Art

This piece is made of translucent hanging scrolls with human hair sewn into them. The pseudo-languages created by the artist are derived from Chinese, English, Arabic and Hindi and may appear to the viewer standing at a distance as the mythos of a long-lost civilization. These unrecognizable and undecipherable symbols are illegible to all audiences. The piece represents the misunderstanding, fear and anxiety that exist among different cultures.

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  • Title: United Nations series - China monument: Temple of Heaven
  • Creator: Gu Wenda
  • Date Created: 1998
  • Theme: Symbol, Text
  • Physical Dimensions: w2000 x h400 x d1500 cm
  • Artist's Biography: A renowned contemporary Chinese artist, Gu was born in Shanghai, China and received his Master's degree from the Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts in 1981. He has settled in the United States since 1987.
  • Type: Installation