UNTITLED 2009, Metal Scarp Glass Beads Motor Mechanism 125 x 107 x 9 in

Sakshi Gupta

Devi Art Foundation

Devi Art Foundation

Made in 2009, this piece is a representation of landscape on the floor,
comprising a multitude of metal scraps and glass beads. Carrying
no title, it is a motorized work where the intent is to portray the earth
itself heavily weighed down, caught in a moment of turmoil and yet
evolving a new sheath - acquiring a strange energy from this moment
of vulnerability and challenge. Intentionally created as though on the
verge of chaotic mess and not yet apparent, it appears to be making
visible effort to simply breathe. The work underlines the power of
acceptance in any given situation as it allows for the faculties of reason
and sentiment, awareness and instinct to act in sync with each other.
Made in 2005 in Rajasthan as a participating artist of the Sandarbh
Residency Program; Mirage was made in a small village called Bori
where we were staying. The only road connecting the village with the
main town was about 7-8 kilometers and the work was placed there.
Intended to be more of a tease for people walking the stretch on foot
in that heat, from a distance it seemed to offer a small measure of rest
but on coming up close it revealed its fragility and inability to do so,
leading to an obvious sense of frustration. The installation was meant
to be seen as a pointer towards such situations in life as well that
seem promising, but eventually turn out to be disappointing, leaving
us negotiating spaces between our own expectations and what life in
general has in store for us.

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  • Title: UNTITLED 2009, Metal Scarp Glass Beads Motor Mechanism 125 x 107 x 9 in
  • Creator: Sakshi Gupta
  • Date: 2009
  • Location: Gurgaon, Haryana
  • Method or Style: Sculpture
  • Collaborating Institution: Devi Art Foundation

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