Musée de l'Invisible

Cidade Matarazzo

Cidade Matarazzo

For the exhibition Made by... Feito por Brasileiros, the Tree Academy of the Museum of the Invisible asked a group of artists to contribute to a Tree Manifesto, based on the awakening to trees mediated by the healer/hypnotist Pierre Capelle during the Bahia Biennial. During the Matarazzo exhibition, thanks to the artists’ proposals and the manifesto, signed by visitors, a tree-care facility was set up in-loco: a veritable tree clinic. A fitting function, some would say, for a former hospital. Contributions by Charley Case, Delphine Gigoux-Martin, Michel Blazy, Myriam Mechita, Jean-Luc Favéro, Joe da Silva and Teruhisa Suzuki worked with prophylaxis, restoration and mediumship, concepts devised by the Museum of the Invisible, to attain a new awareness in relation to trees by reinventing the dimensions of the artwork and re-sacralising the largest representative of the plant world. In our times of wholesale disillusionment, the action is a fundamental contribution. The predominant idea is that of tree-cure. In the old hospital’s rooms, trees would seem to have replaced patients, representing ourselves and our quest for healing—a dialectic of the care-receiving care-giver—through a reconsideration of the role of trees. At the end of the day, it’s not trees who need people, but the other way around.

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  • Title: Untitled
  • Creator: Musée de l'Invisible
  • Date: 2014/2014
  • Provenance: Images © Ding Musa; courtesy the artists and Pascal Pique
  • Type: installation

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