Francesca Woodman

Cidade Matarazzo

Cidade Matarazzo

Her self-portraits signal our first visits into the depths of a precocious, ingenious photographer. Though her work, created between 1972 and 1981, remained unknown during her brief life, she is now admired for her black-and-white pictures of young women, many of them naked, shot with a distinctive bleary quality achieved through slow shutter speeds and prolonged exposure. Many of her pictures are self-portraits—in which her face is usually covered—, though the presence of men is also not infrequent. Her rundown apartment was where she rummaged through her doubts and ghosts, bringing the imperceptible to bear through a game of hide-and-seek with nothingness. Absence, the invisible and the imperceptible inhabit Woodman’s photographs. OBRAS
WORKS: From Angel series, 1977-1978 From Space2, 1976 House #3, 1976 Hose #4, 1976
My house, 1976 Polka dots, 1976 Self-deceit #1, 1978 Self-deceit, 1978 Sem título, 1977-1978 Sem título, 1975-1978 Sem título, 1976 Sem título, 1979 Then at one point I did not need to translate the notes; they went directly to my hands, 1976

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  • Title: Untitled
  • Creator: Francesca Woodman
  • Date: 1972/1981
  • Provenance: courtesy The Estate of Francesca Woodman, New York and Mendes Wood DM, São Paulo, VÍDEO: courtesy George and Be y Woodman and Marian Goodman Gallery, New York
  • Type: photography
  • Rights: Images © Ding Musa

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