Using substitute cheeses for a President (lactose intolerant)

Martin CJ Mongiello2008

The Presidential Culinary Museum

The Presidential Culinary Museum

President Clinton became a near Vegan and along the way, his team of Chefs spanning Air Force Once, Camp David, and the White House changed with him. One challenge he has inspired others on is fat-free eating, vegan and vegetarian cuisine that tastes great and gluten-free cookery. He inspires many by talking about change on stage and on TV. After learning the lifestyle of care and cookery with Doctor Dean Ornish at the White House, Chef Marti Mongiello (Executive Chef and a Manager of the Camp David Resort and Conference Center) worked with five Doctors to develop this favorite switch of cheeses for Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton. Strictly conforming to the medical needs and studies of President Bill Clinton - the entire family was very pleased to discover you could eat healthy, no-fat, medical cuisine and find it enjoyable and tasty. Every meal became a surprise and a party of flavors and friendly, robust, filling encounter. On the left is vegetarian cheese and on the right is cow made cheddar cheese.

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  • Title: Using substitute cheeses for a President (lactose intolerant)
  • Creator: Martin CJ Mongiello
  • Date Created: 2008
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