Uzbek men’s costume

Russian Museum of Ethnography

Russian Museum of Ethnography

The Emirate of Bukhara. Late 19th century

The difference between the costume and its figurine depiction:
In the men’s costume showcased, the top robe and belt are typical of a man with a high social status. The robe and belt that are depicted in the sculpture, imitate the clothing of the members of the Qalandariyyah, a mendicant spiritual order. These elements are not typical of a laic person costume.

* When the Uzbek and the Tajik Soviet Republics were formed, Uzbek (for Turkic speaking people) and Tajik (for Iranian speaking people) generalising ethnonyms were introduced, though basic cultural features of these people remained common.

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  • Title: Uzbek men’s costume
  • Location Created: Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Type: Costume
  • Rights: The Russian Museum of Ethnography


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