Vajrahumkara Mandala


Hwajeong Museum

Hwajeong Museum

This thangka depicts the Vajrahumkara Mandala in the centre with four wrathful deities and eight offering goddesses in the four corners, lamas along the top, and the Ten Great Wrathful Deities (with one face and two arms) along the bottom.
There are twelve lamas depicts along the top of this thangka, and together with the figure at the bottom left, there are thirteen in all. The figure at the top left is Vajradhara, next to whom is the female deity Vajrayogini, followed by lamas wearing red pandit's hat. According to Tsong-kha-pa's gSan yig, the transmission lineage of the Vajravali started with Vajradhara, Vajrayogini, and Abhayakaragupta and reached Tsong-kha-pa in the fourteenth generation. This would suggest that the present work was produced in the fourteenth century on generation prior to Tsong-kha-pa as part of a collection of thangka's depicting the mandalas of the Vajravali. Not only is in good condition, but it is also iconographically accurate, and it may be regarded as one of the finest mandalas in the Hwajeong Museum's collection.

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  • Title: Vajrahumkara Mandala
  • Creator: ANONYMOUS
  • Date Created: 1300/1399
  • Location Created: Tibet
  • Physical Dimensions: 55.5×46.0cm
  • Subject Keywords: Tibet
  • Type: Tibetan Buddhist Painting, thangka
  • Publisher: Hwajeong Museum
  • Rights: Hwajeong Museum
  • Medium: polychrome on cotton