Valeria Dmitrievna Prishvina’s dress

Russian State Literature Museums

Russian State Literature Museums

12 November 1940. Yesterday, I was reading the journal “La Mode Parisienne”; I was looking for a dress for Lyalya, and suddenly the meaning and justification of fashion dawned on me. It’s the same thing for women as the feeling of the present for artists. Let my artistic attention be drawn to an apple, a mouse, a tree—in short, everything that was and will be—but I, an artist, as I exist now, am not what I was before and I shall not be exactly the same in the future. And in the apple, mouse, and tree, I must express this in a way that can be understood. And to be understood, I have to speak the language of our time. This is a kind of dialectic, that when I want to display myself as unprecedented, I must at the same time be like everyone else. This is the deepest meaning and justification of fashion.

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  • Title: Valeria Dmitrievna Prishvina’s dress
  • Contributor: The house-museum of Prishvin


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