Varaha (Incarnation of Vishnu as a Boar)

Fuku Akino1992 - 1992

Hamamatsu City Fuku Akino Art Museum

Hamamatsu City Fuku Akino Art Museum

Vishnu took on the incarnation of a boar, and is rescuing the goddess of the Earth, Bhumi, by picking her up on his shoulder and lifting her from the depths of the earth where she was being held. The figures lined up to the side represent the scene where those pleased by her rescue rushing to meet her, and it is a famous story in India. Vishnu took on roughly 30 incarnations, including a turtle, and is a god that provided relief to the people. This somewhat tense scene, in combination with a dynamic touch and the unification of the whole scene with red colors, gives the piece a great impact, really drawing one into the story.

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  • Title: Varaha (Incarnation of Vishnu as a Boar)
  • Creator: Fuku Akino
  • Date: 1992 - 1992
  • Physical Dimensions: w309 x h165 cm
  • Type: color on paper,framed