Valve-controlled Tandem Steam Engine

MAN Nürnberg1907/1907

Nuremberg Municipal Museums

Nuremberg Municipal Museums

Well into the 19th century, Nuremberg's mills along the Pegnitz River were still run by water power, which thus provided the energy for crafts and commerce. The situation changed only with the arrival of the steam engine invented in England, and its pioneering impact on industry. The MAN LT 10 steam engine on display at the Museum for Industrial Culture was built in Nuremberg in 1907. The valve-controlled tandem engine had a maximum output of nearly 1500 metric horsepower and is one of the largest of its kind – the flywheel, made of two halves, is 5 meters in diameter all by itself and weighs nearly 30 metric tons.

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  • Title: Valve-controlled Tandem Steam Engine
  • Creator: MAN Nürnberg
  • Date: 1907/1907
  • Provenance: Museum Industriekultur
  • Type: Engine