Vestnik. Peterburgskaya Gazeta

Léon Bakst1911/1911

The State Tretyakov Gallery

The State Tretyakov Gallery

The Americans no longer recognize any art other than the Russian one. Sparing no expense for inviting our best opera and ballet artists, the Americans spend even more money on advertising.
The theater company spent nothing short of half a million rubles for advertising Pavlova and Mordkin’s tour.
All houses, fences, monuments, posts, stations, and quays are all cluttered with monumental posters.
A million and a half brochures were scattered in all cafes, restaurants, hotels, and shops.
The railway line that provided the troupe with a special train published an illustrated book, describing the troupe’s journey.
Having learned that a group of ballet artists from Imperial Maly Theatre is going to America, Pavlova and Mordkin’s company ordered giant counterposters.
The point is that Moscow artists teamed up with barefoot dancer Gofman who declared herself a “ballet dancer” and borrowed all Diaghilev’s drawings, as well as sketches of artist Bakst, for her own and her fellow dancers’ costumes and stage sets.
So Pavlova’s company ordered some posters with skulls and crossbones in all four corners saying:
Take care of your pockets!!!
Beware of robbers and pirates!!!
Not a dime to the Muscovites!!!
A.P. Pavlova and Mr. Mordkin have reconciled again and are coming to America together.
Great Russian celebrations organized by our ambassador Baron Rosen will soon take place in New York.
Selected fragments from Russian operas and ballets will be performed at Madison Square Garden.
The tickets are already sold out. Savvy Americans resell the tickets with a huge markup.
Due to success of these performances, they will be given once again in Boston and Chicago.

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  • Title: Vestnik. Peterburgskaya Gazeta
  • Creator: Research Library of the State Tretyakov Gallery. L. Bakst's Newspaper Clippings Archive
  • Date Created: 1911/1911
  • Location Created: St. Petersburg
  • Provenance: Research Library of the State Tretyakov Gallery. L. Bakst's Newspaper Clippings Archive
  • Type: newspaper