Vic Smith's mud crab drop net

About 1990

National Museum of Australia

National Museum of Australia

Crab fishing net. Its bowl-like shape is defined by two flaking rusty metal rings. The upper one is larger than the lower one and they have beige-fawn netting in two sizes attaching them to each other. The upper ring is suspended by three strands of thin nylon rope from several metres of thickish jute(?) rope. A small cylindrical red-brown plastic float is threaded onto the nylon rope between the meeting point of its three strands and the jute rope. A piece of metal in the shape of a large safety pin is attached through the centre.

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  • Title: Vic Smith's mud crab drop net
  • Date: About 1990
  • Location: Derby, Western Australia, Australia
  • External Link: National Museum of Australia website
  • Dimensions: H 970mm x Dia 610mm
  • Credit: Donated by Vic Smith
  • Collection: Vic Smith Collection National Museum of Australia