Victa 'peach tin' prototype rotary lawn mower

Mervyn Victor Richardson1952

Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences

Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences

Lawnmower, power rotary two-stroke petrol Victa 'peach-tin prototype', metal, designed by Mervyn Victor Richardson, made by Mervyn Victor Richardson, Concord NSW, 1952.

Lawnmower consisting of a lightweight rectangular metal frame with a metal wheel at each corner. A two piece metal cross bar supports a Villiers single cylinder two stroke petrol engine mounted vertically which has a manual rope pull starter at the top and at the bottom a metal arm with two blades attached to it. Also on the cross bar is a petrol tank made from a used preserved fruit can with a screw lid soldered into the top.
Attached to the rear axle is a handle bent from a single piece of metal into an inverted 'U' shape. On the handle is a hand operated accelerator lever attached by a cable to the carburettor.

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  • Title: Victa 'peach tin' prototype rotary lawn mower
  • Creator: Mervyn Victor Richardson
  • Date: 1952
  • Location: Concord, New South Wales, Australia
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