Victor 9000 Personal Computer, 1982

Sirius Systems Technology and Victor Business Products1982

The Henry Ford

The Henry Ford

The Victor 9000 (sold as the Sirius 1 in Europe), introduced in 1981, was a direct competitor of IBM's Personal Computer. It was created by Chuck Peddle, lead designer of the MOS 6502 microprocessor and Commodore PET. Upon boot-up, the computer's sound hardware was designed to say: "I am the Victor 9000, the number one choice in business computers."

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  • Title: Victor 9000 Personal Computer, 1982
  • Creator: Sirius Systems Technology, Victor Business Products
  • Date Created: 1982
  • Location: United States, California, Scotts Valley, United States, Illinois, Chicago
  • Subject Keywords: Communication, Computers, Microcomputers
  • Type: Objects
  • Contributor: The Henry Ford
  • Original Source: Digital Collections
  • Object Name: Microcomputer
  • Object ID: 95.46.1
  • Manufacturer: Sirius Systems Technology
  • Image ID: THF159878
  • Field: Computing
  • Credit: From the Collections of The Henry Ford. Gift of Jim Rennie and Becky Rennie in Memory of Eugene Augustin.