Victorian Gold-bearing quartz

Geoscience Australia

Geoscience Australia

This gold-bearing quartz vein is typical of the high-grade gold-bearing reefs from Central Victoria. The sample is from the lower Ordovician and is between about 467 and 490 million years old.

In 1852, rich alluvial gold and many surface nuggets were discovered at Tarnagulla, Victoria-this sample has come from there, from the Nick O’Time Ore Shoot at Poverty Reef Gold Mine. Victoria is one of the great gold provinces of the world and was one of the principal forces in the development of modern Australia.

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  • Title: Victorian Gold-bearing quartz
  • Type: Rock
  • Original Source: Sample donated by the Geological Survey of Victoria and Reef Mining N.L.
  • Rights: Geoscience Australia / CC-BY 4.0
  • Photographer: Chris Fitzgerald