Virgin and Child

Simon Beningc.1530

Chester Beatty

Chester Beatty

Simon Bening was one of the most celebrated painters in Flanders and was regarded as the greatest master of illumination in all of Europe. He specialised in books of hours but also produced genealogical tables and portable altarpieces on parchment. He was taught by his father, the painter Alexander Bening, and later served as dean of the Guild of Saint John and Saint Luke in Bruges. His daughter, Livinia, became court painter to Edward VI of England.

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  • Title: Virgin and Child
  • Creator: Simon Bening
  • Date Created: c.1530
  • Location: Dublin, Ireland
  • Location Created: Bruges, Belgium
  • Original Source: Chester Beatty Library
  • Rights: © Trustees of the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin
  • Collection Number: CBL W 099, f.44v
  • Additional Description: Rosarium of Phillip II of Spain