Warehouse supplies, Petrópolis, RJ. Brazil

Revert Henrique Klumbcirca 1870

Instituto Moreira Salles

Instituto Moreira Salles

German photographer Revert Henry Klumb, meanwhile, settled in Rio in 1852, later moving to Petrópolis. By 1855, he had already created several stereoscopic views of the Imperial capital (stereoscopy uses paired photographs of the same scene which, seen through a binocular visor, give the illusion of three-dimensionality). This period saw important technological advances, such as glass negatives and albumen paper, allowing negatives to be copied; this allowed for the production of books of photography, with significant quantities of reproductions from a single negative. From then on, images began to circulate on a greater scale, flowing through new circuits. In 1872, Klumb published one of the first books of photography in Brazil, Doze horas em diligência. Guia do viajante de Petrópolis a Juiz de Fora. He also gave photography lessons to Princess Isabel and became renowned for photographing plants and birds, uncommon subjects in the photography of the time, as well as daily life in the city.

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  • Title: Warehouse supplies, Petrópolis, RJ. Brazil
  • Creator: Klumb, Revert Henry
  • Date: circa 1870
  • Location: Petrópolis, Brazil
  • Physical Dimensions: w27,5 x h20,5 cm (primary support)
  • Provenance: Gilberto Ferrez collection / Instituto Moreira Salles
  • Type: Photography
  • Rights: Gilberto Ferrez collection / Instituto Moreira Salles
  • External Link: http://www.ims.com.br
  • Medium: Albumen print