Warli Imaginary

Praveen Sadashiv Mahshye2013

Heritage Transport Museum

Heritage Transport Museum

Warli art Painting titled- 'Warli Imaginary'. The painting titled ‘Warli Imaginaries’ represents the famous folk art tradition of the Warli tribe of Maharashtra. Artists of these genera of paintings have always depicted their interpretation of the world around them. This painting illustrates the changes brought about into the lifestyle of Warli community with the introduction of cars, trains and other popular modes of transport. The work has been conceived as an ensemble to depict the rural, urban and metropolitan transport landscape in the Warli iconography and imagination.

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  • Title: Warli Imaginary
  • Creator: Praveen Sadashiv Mahshye
  • Date: 2013
  • Location: India
  • Physical Dimensions: Acrylic on canvas, 336cm x 154cm
  • Type: Warli Art