Waxdick im Aquarium "Flussmündung"

Ozeaneum, Foundation German Oceanographic Museum

Ozeaneum, Foundation German Oceanographic Museum

Where does such a thing exist? The oldest museum employee – a fish?

It lives longer than any other marine creature in the MEERESMUSEUM and is therefore affectionately known as the “MEERESMUSEUM’s oldest employee”: the Russian Sturgeon (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii). He was caught in a local fisherman’s net in October 1968 and has spent his time continuously circling his tank ever since: He’s been there for nearly 43 years now.

With the reopening of the OZEANEUM after almost 40 years in the MEERESMUSEUM (German Oceanographic Museum), the mighty sturgeon also found a new home in a specially designed estuary tank. The elderly gentleman was considered risk patient because moving him to a new home at his age could entail a great deal of stress. To prevent a heart attack, our veterinarian had to lightly anesthetize the sturgeon to move him. All went well and he now continues to tirelessly circle around his new home, observing his new colleagues with curiosity.

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  • Title: Waxdick im Aquarium "Flussmündung"
  • Location: Ozeaneum Stralsund, Stiftung Deutsches Meeresmuseum
  • Rights: photo: Johannes-Maria Schlorke


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