We will not be moved

Alexis Blake2006-01-01/2006-01-01


Milano, Italy

We Will Not Be Moved, is an ongoing project that focuses on the on the ambivalent relationship between individual and collective and the normation and freedom of the contemporary represented female body. The performance reformulates two archives: the protest postures that women have assumed during the history of dissidence and the New Dance Group (NDG) in New York City in the 1930’s that translated political unrest into movement. 
We Will Not Be Moved, which was conceived in Milan during a workshop at Viafarini, was first presented for the event, Stage as a Social Platform for the Milan XXI Triennale during April, 2016. The work was shown on Alberto Burri’s Teatro Continuo, which is a historical artwork/stage that served as a site of political protests in Milan for many years in Parco Sempione. During the workshop in Milan, Blake worked with a group of women - professional dancers and women of migrant backgrounds, who are heads of different agencies that are fighting for women, immigrant and civil rights. During the workshop Blake used a combination of archival images from The New Dance Group to the archive that she facilitated online where anyone can contribute images of women protesting/demonstrating for a cause throughout history and around the globe. She used the online archive to investigate the gestural language of protests, the formations of the crowd and the slogans that are used. She also had each woman bring in their own chant in their own language, which they then abstracted as a group by means of repeating it over and over again until the words became rhythmical sounds; it became a sort of mantra, an incantation, a summoning.

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  • Title: We will not be moved
  • Creator: Alexis Blake
  • Date: 2006-01-01/2006-01-01
  • Location: Teatro Continuo, Sempione Park, Milan
  • working and living place of the artist: Amsterdam
  • Photo Credits: Giulia Ferrando
  • Provenance: Courtesy the artist
  • Type: Performance
  • External Link: http://wewillnotbemoved.tumblr.com/
  • Medium: Work in progress