Wedding dress from la Armuña (Salamanca)

Unknownca. 1900

Museo del Traje, Madrid

Museo del Traje, Madrid
Madrid, Spain

This outfit is made up of a velvet doublet with frayed fuchsia silk, and two tunics, one in yellow fabric worn underneath as a slip, and another in brown fabric worn over the top as a long skirt. On top is an apron to match the doublet, with black silk draping at the waist. The outfit is finished off with a colorful belt known as a ""receñidero"", and the head is covered with a mantilla or ""sobin""’ in embroidered cloth with a wide frill of pleated silk. Lastly, a velvet waist pouch and beaded necklace of coral, silver, glass paste, and jet.

The ""sobina"" is a very typical element of women’s clothing in this region of Salamanca. Popular jewelry from La Armuña often uses coral which, according to tradition, has a protective, almost miraculous, quality.

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  • Title: Wedding dress from la Armuña (Salamanca)
  • Creator: Unknown
  • Date Created: ca. 1900
  • Location Created: La Armuña (Salamanca), Spain
  • Type: Regional dress
  • Rights: Museo del Traje CIPE
  • Medium: Cotton, linen, silk, metal