White dwarf

Dong-hyun Kim2016

Gyeonggi Creation Center

Gyeonggi Creation Center

All we are interconnected

Artist Dong-hyun Kim shows the interconnectivity of humans-environment-society-universe through the movement of a physical chain reactor device. Each component composing the work symbolizes a part of the system which contributes to the totality based on each peculiarity, and autonomy. The fact that each component is ultimately interconnected can be realized by the chain reactor of the sensor. According to artist Kim, when one part of the system changes, it can give influences on the overall system and this is the core attraction of kinetic works. By inducing the participation of the audience in his work, the audience serves as a driving force to actually move the work, this way, the artist intends to give a message that the small communication and changes between oneself and others ultimately contribute to their involvement with society.

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  • Title: White dwarf
  • Creator: Dong-hyun Kim
  • Date: 2016
  • Type: Variable size, wood, gear, chain, motor, Arduino + sensor