Wine Flagon with Dragon Patterns



Beijing, China

This flat vessel with flowing curvy lines has a long and slender curved opening in the shape of a crane neck, a dragon-shaped handle and a ruyi-shaped lid. There are nine exquisite engraved dragons surrounding the body of the flagon. The refined techniques of engraving and welding based on an ingenious design led to a piece of artwork that shows a perfect combination of liveliness and decorum.


  • Title: Wine Flagon with Dragon Patterns
  • Creator: Jin Yongcai
  • Type: Silver inlaying on black copper
  • Physical dimensions: Height: 25cm; opening diameter: 20cm; belly diameter: 9.5cm; bottom diameter: 6.4cm; weight: 590.6g
  • Location: Guandu District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province
  • Date: 2013.06.07


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