Woman with Dog

Katharina Fritsch2004

Kunsthaus Zürich

Kunsthaus Zürich

Katharina Fritsch is one of the most important visual artists of today, known for her sculptures and spatial installations that play with our primeval conceptions, desires and fears.
The group of works entitled ‘Woman with Dog’ consists of a female figure composed of pink shells accompanied by a dog of matching design, together with sixteen umbrellas floating on the ceiling and six postcard views. The individual objects in the group are independent of each other and can be exhibited either as an ensemble or separately. The pink figure with the flower, stick and hat embodies a kind of flânerie, a dreamily uplifting aspect of reality. It exudes an ambivalent sweetness and elation; yet the motif of the shell-woman – in a clear nod to the Surrealists – also has about it something menacing.
The work alludes to Rococo and popular culture, serenely evoking the difficult subject of simplicity. It conjures up the complex aura of a city like Paris while at the same time wresting the ‘foam-born’ goddess out of the world of myth and into the modern world of everyday objects and souvenirs.

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  • Title: Woman with Dog
  • Creator: Katharina Fritsch
  • Date: 2004
  • Technique: Polyester, aluminium, iron, paint
  • Physical Dimensions: w100 x h176 cm
  • Original Title: Frau mit Hund
  • Provenance: Society of Zurich Friends of Art, 2004, © 2015 ProLitteris, Zurich
  • Type: sculpture