Wooden Stairs to the Second Floor


Museum of Ethnic Cultures, Minzu University of China

Museum of Ethnic Cultures, Minzu University of China

The broad Shangri-La prairie is attractive and fascinating. On the thriving pasture, herds of yaks and rows of shelves with dried highland barley depict a picture of flourishing agriculture and husbandry, and show the diligence of Tibetans in Diqing.
This kind of house is square, with adobe walls in three sides and pure wooden structure in the front side. The front porch on the first floor has two-story bracket and decorated with carved animals, which is extremely exquisite. This kind of house is called ‘mud-walled house with boards’.
Yaks are kept in pens on the ground floor, with a broad ladder directly leading to the living room on the first floor. There is a thick pillar in the middle considered as the center of family life. A fireplace is set for treating guests in the house. Baffles and drawers are installed on the board walls to be cupboard. The scripture hall is decorated with carves and colored paintings, which looks luxury and elegant. On the ceiling, purlin pillars are supported by some wooden shelves. The slightly-slope roof is covered by wooden board tails, where hays are restored in the triangle space. An isolated courtyard is surrounded by tall enclosing walls and colored gate, in which normally a Tibetan mastiff is kept, a pigpen is set, and firewood is placed.

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  • Title: Wooden Stairs to the Second Floor
  • Creator: Zhanzheng
  • Provenance: Museum of Ethnic Cultures, Minzu University of China
  • Original Source: http://bwg.muc.edu.cn
  • photography location: Shangri-La, Yunnan Province
  • photography date: 2004.06
  • object type: Photography
  • ethnic group: Tibetan
  • creator's dates: 1963 -
  • creator nationality: Chinese
  • creator gender: Male